Joining ZEIPF

by May 21, 2019

Who joins the Fund?

All permanent employees of the Sponsoring Employers, who under the age of 60 years.

How do I join?

Once you become a permanent employee, your Employer will provide you with a Member Joining Form - MI01 (Details of member joining the Pension Fund) to complete. This form would be forwarded to the Pension Fund by your Employer. The Pension Fund would add you as a new member in the month you joined.

How do I update my details?

You are required to complete the Member Update Form (MU01) if there are any changes to personal and beneficiaries’ details.

When do I cease to be a member?

Membership of the Fund ceases when you leave employment through resignation or dismissal and opt to transfer or be paid total benefits from the Fund.

Note that if you stop being an employee and do not transfer to another Fund or claim your benefits, your benefits will be kept in the Fund until you reach retirement age.