Who Manages our Investments?

by Sep 5, 2019

The ZESA Staff Pension Fund investments portfolio is made of the following asset classes;

  1. Fixed Income securities which comprise bonds and money market investments,
  2. Equities which are stocks of companies listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and,
  • Property Portfolio– Buildings for commercial, industrial, office and residential purposes.


The investments are managed as follows,

  1. Management of Fixed Income securities

Fixed Income securities are managed inhouse through selected counterparties approved by the Board of Trustees.


  1. Management of Equities Portfolio

Equities portfolio management is outsourced to Imara Asset Managers who are specialist Asset Managers with strong experience and expertise required to manage the equities portfolio through research and analysis.


  • Management of Property Portfolio

The property portfolio is partly managed inhouse and partly outsourced to reputable Property Managers namely Bard Real Estate and Knight Frank Estate Agency.