by Sep 5, 2019

How are the Members Elected?

  1. All Fund Members, who are in active service, shall qualify to vote and nominate or be nominated for board membership.
  2. The elections are conducted by the Pensions office through a ballot vote and all active members are allowed to participate in the election.
  3. The fund is now allowed by law to have at least one independent board member.

Term of office

The board members shall hold office for a period of 3 years and shall be eligible for re-election or appointment for another 3 years. No board member shall hold office for more than 2 terms.

Termination of office

A board member shall cease to hold office if:

  1. he is removed or resigns in accordance with the Rules of the Fund or
  2. he becomes insane or incapable of acting; or
  3. his estate is sequestrated, surrendered, assigned for the benefit of his creditors; or
  4. he is removed by a court of law on account of misconduct from any office or trust; or
  5. he is convicted of any offence and sentenced to imprisonment without the option of a fine; or
  6. he is convicted of theft, fraud, forgery or perjury; or
  7. he is dismissed or resigns from the Company.
  8. he resigns from the board of fund.